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Integrating your Shadow Side

Integrating Your Shadow Side

The Shadow is part of the Jungian psychological model, and it is the place where all the repressed traits go to. Those are the traits that our conscious mind wants to repress and dissociate from because it considers them demeaning, unworthy or negative. Integrating your shadow side is the end goal of every personal development program, even […]

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Rebels and Gold Diggers

Rebels and Gold-Diggers

As we grow up, we develop an identity. Something singular, to define our place in life. Something to provide us with a sense of self. But sometimes, to be unique, you must develop a unique perspective. It means to be a rebel. Often, I find myself, on the opposite side of the conventional standpoint. Other times, I […]

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Transcendental Phenomenology – Meaning is Reality

Transcendental Phenomenology

People live in a self-defined world of perception and meaning. Our environment, society, and culture structure our perception. We don’t experience reality at all, we distort it to make sense of it. Transcendental phenomenology is not concerned with asking yourself what’s really out there. Instead, it is preoccupied with how your mind shapes your experience of […]

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