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About Me


My name is Simon. My message is sharp - Our lives are battlefields of the subconscious forces of which we know nothing, and which govern, direct, control, and shape our destiny. In the words of Carl Jung, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  People don't do what they know they should, for their own good. That is evidence enough for what I have postulated.

This blog is my way of integrating myself at the deepest level, to round up my unconscious forces, and herd them towards the conscious, integrate them, and have them pull in the direction I chose.

I am not talented, nor charming, but direct, honest, and blunt. My deepest value is the truth. For me, self-development is the only way into a meaningful future. It wards off the promise of a bleak existence, for I could see how my entire life would play out. Staring right in front of me was the promise of a dark and unimpressive future – an 8 to 17 job schedule, that I hate, with an hour in busy traffic, watching TV at home and falling asleep eventually, on and on for about 40 years.

It would seem such a shame to live this one life that we have, in the most predictable, boring and wasteful way possible. What do we better to do than to live? And if we shall live, why not do it in the most meaningful and responsible manner?

To live with a purpose makes you feel alive. And the proper way of living is to find something powerful, meaningful, and challenging to contend with. Something like extending yourself to become more than what you already are, self-growth, transformation, change.

I believe people can change, I had witnessed it, and I have even helped people on that path. The possibility of change and renewal is a very strong belief of mine. So I studied everything that I could find on personal development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, productivity, psychology, and I have learned a lot of skills. I have been on this path for a long time, and I still have a lot more to go.

All of what I studied and applied, could have taken a lot less time. Maybe 3 years instead of 10 years. But I kept dragging it and dragging it, in the most inefficient way possible. I was lazy, and doing the same distractions that I wrote about before: after work or school I would come home and watch TV, or play video games, in fact, anything as long as it would not involve me thinking deeply and critically about my life. And I knew it was wrong, all the while I was doing them, I knew, and still …..

The breakthrough came when I decided to use and apply what I learned on the very essence of why I avoided doing the things that I knew needed to be done. As I tackled my values, behavior and changed them one by one, I started to see results and became more proactive and self-disciplined. So the next move for me was to address one by one, the other emotional traumas and self-esteem related issue of my life. It is quite amazing to see how with every big or little thing you change about yourself, you become more confident and feel better.

Still, there is a long road in front of me, there is a lot more than I want to do, and to achieve. But personal growth is not a destination, it is a journey. You enjoy the ride and reap the rewards that come with it.

I am now 30 years old. And if I knew and did these things when I was 15 or 20, I would have been much further than where I’m now. I can’t change my past ….. but I can improve the thing I do today, and offer my help and to anyone who is bold enough to challenge himself.

So let us learn together.